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Welcome to IdentiRisk South Africa, your one and only HR solutions partner.

About Us

IdentiRisk South Africa is an HR solutions provider that provides service to the Jobseeker market as well as providing tailor made, cost effective solutions to all its clients by identifying their individual needs, irrespective of industry.
The company was established in 2006 and is a major player in the credentials verification industry whereby personal credentials of Individuals are verified on behalf of its clients.

Our team is composed of HR Specialists encompassing in excess of 30 years experience who understand the HR market and the challenges that one faces on a day to day basis.

Our staff attend regular training to keep up to date with the latest HR trends, systems and techniques to provide our clients with the fastest and most accurate credential verification service possible as service delivery is of paramount importance to us.

After considerable research and negotiation, IdentiRisk South Africa has introduced other innovative HR solutions that would assist clients in improving their HR processes by utilising all HR products housed under one roof. IdentiRisk South Africa is constantly revising its methods, processes and relationships in order to remain at the forefront of the industry.

IdentiRisk South Africa has a well established reputation amongst its clients in terms of service delivery and our state of the art  website and all our dealings are conducted through this mechanism.

What makes IdentiRisk South Africa so “UNIQUE”

1.    No annual subscription fees are charged.

2.    IdentiRisk South Africa is the only South African risk verification company that allows Jobseekers to have their own personal credentials verified and confirmed.
A completed verification report with the Jobseekers own “unique certification number” is supplied to the Jobseeker which they can issue to potential employers
and / or recruitment agencies for employment purposes, hence saving you time, money.

3.    Certification of the Jobseeker`s verification report can be confirmed and authenticated by the potential employer and / or recruitment agency via the V-Report website if you are a registered Client.

4.    IdentiRisk South Africa is the only verification company that has the “Search” functionality of its databases on the V-Report website, where registered clients are able to search the credential verifications database of completed background screened verification reports and make use thereof. Clients are also able to update these verification reports by only purchasing the verifications they require.
V-Report is therefore the pioneers of this “Search” functionality in South Africa.

5.    IdentiRisk South Africa is the only risk verification company that issues Provisional Verification Reports and once all verifications requested have been completed then a final Completed Verification Report is issued with all required verification results. No need for individual product reports.

6.    IdentiRisk South Africa and its representatives do not treat their clients just as a “number”. Every client is given personal attention in order to understand their requirements, hence building a mutually beneficial relationship to create a “win-win “ situation

7.    IdentiRisk South Africa is not only a pre-employment background screening company, we also offer a full range of HR solutions to assist our clients and Jobseekers.

IdentiRisk South Africa`s HR Solutions Product Range for Clients:

1.    Pre-employment Background Screening
2.    Search for Certification
3.    Reference Checks
4.    Virtual Recruiter
5.    HireRight ---- The V-Report Job Board
6.    Recorded Interviews
7.    Live Interviews
8.    Skills Testing
9.    Graphological  / Handwriting Assessments
10.    Psychometric Assessments
11.    Apptrack
12.    Candidate Integrity Profile

Further products related to verifications other than HR solutions have been introduced as per our client`s request:

1.    Other Verification Services - We have the largest product range currently available and we are sure to meet your requirements, however, should we not have a product and /or service that you require then we will endeavour to obtain the product or service for you.
2.    Tracing

IdentiRisk South Africa`s Solutions Product Range for Jobseekers?

1.    Personal Credential Verification
2.    CV Wizard
3.    Curriculum Vitae Upload
4.    Audio and Video Resume Upload
5.    Skills Testing
6.    Psychometric Assessments
7.    Graphological / Handwriting Assessments
8.    Personality Evaluation
9.    Virtual Vault
10.    Virtual Recruiter
11.    HireRight ---- The V-Report Job Board
12.    Other Verification Services

AFIS Criminal Checks

IdentiRisk South Africa is proud to announce that we have an AFIS national network in place to assist our clients with the taking of fingerprints via a biometric scanner. It is therefore not essential for our clients to purchase a biometric scanner if it is not your core business, hence, being extremely cost effective for all clients.

BEE Status

IdentiRisk South Africa has fulfilled all its obligations in complying with all current BEE legislation, qualifying as a broad based BEE company under the EME regulations.  

Current BEE legislation provides us with the legal status of being an EME Level 4 contributor BEE company.

Any procurement done with us can be claimed 100% by you the client in terms of your preferential procurement portion of your BEE scorecard.

This may increase your overall BEE status.

IdentiRisk South Africa  is not only committed to BEE transformation within South Africa but also to the economical growth of South Africa.

Service Levels

IdentiRisk South Africa maintains standard service level expectations with its clients. Service levels are based on turnaround time in hours. These turnaround times are published and amended when circumstances change. IdentiRisk South Africa strives to meet these turnaround times and pride ourselves in maintaining these excellent turnaround times and offering excellent service delivery.

Registering as a Client

Due to the nature of our business, all information provided is sensitive and confidential and subject to certain legal provisions, hence, all IdentiRisk South Africa clients have to be registered subscribers to use our services. The registration process is a simple administrative task, requiring information from the client which forms part of a standard agreement between both parties.

IdentiRisk South Africa implements a pricing structure, specifically tailor made to suit your needs, which is also incorporated into this agreement.

The agreement governs service levels, pricing, authorized persons, legal requirements and several other criteria.

Contact our Services Desk at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or telephone +27 (11) 432-8441 / 4416 for more information regarding the Client Registration process.


 “Where Service Excellence is a way of life”

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