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Live Interviews & Recorded Interviews

Live Interviews 176x176

Live face to face Interviews with a jobseeker using a webcam and microphone.


recorded interviews 179x176

You create a set of questions you want the Jobseeker to answer and then simply e mail the Interview to them. The Jobseeker in turn completes the Interview using a webcam and microphone once complete the Interview is mailed back to you. You are then able to view all the answered questions by the Jobseeker. The completed Interview can also be sent to as many colleagues or line managers for evaluation before proceeding with a face to face Interview.


Apptrack 220x165

The V-report applicant tracking system, keep your finger on the pulse on what is happening with your candidates and clients at all times from anywhere at anytime.

Pre-Employment Background Screening

Background screening 134x176

We offer the largest background screening product range in South Africa, coupled with our service excellence should make us your screening partner of choice.

Search for Certification

Search for Certification 154x176

Registered and vetted clients only are able to search of certification database. Here you are able to search for and view completed background screening reports on Jobseekers. Our complete database is searchable by all clients. This is guaranteed to save you time and money when needing to close that all important deal faster than your competitor.

Virtual Recruiter

Virtual recruiter 202x176

Start making use of our “One of a kind” product in the South African Recruitment Industry. Search our CV database and receive both the Jobseekers completed cv and there completed background screening report. The background screening report will be what has been completed to date on the Jobseeker. Our pay per cv pricing structure has been put in place to make sure that you never pay more than R50.00 ex vat for a cv and top background screening report. “The best value available for recruiters today”


The V-Report job board, we bring you the best value and a positive alternative to finding the best talent currently available.

Reference Checks

Reference checks 77x176

V-Report completes quality reference checks on behalf of its clients

Skills Testing

skills testing 220x156

We have a large variety of online skills testing tests across a wide spectrum of subjects that we offer to you. V-Report will have all tests available at R50.00 ex vat per test.

Psychometric Testing & Graphological Assessment

psychometric assessment 148x176

Do you need to complete a psychometric assessment on a Jobseeker, then we have the product range just for you.


handwriting analysis 132x176

Do you want to find out exactly who your candidate is and what makes them tick? Then a handwriting analysis assessment is the only and best way to go. No manipulation of answers, No thinking, No testing and most importantly No stress. A simple handwriting sample is all that is required.

Candidate Integrity Profile

Tracing 202x176

The V-Report candidate Integrity Profile is the recruitment Industries form of credit bureau with a slight positive difference. Clients in possession of a completed and signed Indemnity form are able to rate a candidate for both positive and negative reasons for a period of twelve months from date of signature of the Indemnity form. By rating the candidate we are creating a footprint of the candidate. Candidates have the legal right to respond to any comments made about them, all candidate responses will also be shown as a footprint on the candidates name and such data will be provided on all subsequent client requests.

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